A deal for climate & social justice

Feminism & Youth for Climate towards a Green New Deal

UPM (itd), Avd. Complutense s/n, Madrid, Spain, 4-5 April 2019

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People power

Feminism & Youth for Climate

The Spring (of Revolution) arrives early, due to climate change but also the power of the 8M Feminist Strike and the 15M Climate Strike. The convergence of these two global movements, together with others such as “Extinction Rebellion”, is elevating social mobilization to meet the climate & inequalities emergency we are experiencing. In addition, the multiple elections coming up can channel this social impulse into changing political priorities.

In addition to youth-led and feminist groups, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Reality Project, and I Vote for Climate will participate as well.
 The youth are rising for their future

Inspired by brave young people like Greta Thunberg, the global youth are raising their voices and demanding adults in power their right to a habitable planet, and a dignified life, or in short, to decide their own future.

We will have participants from Youth for Climate and Fridays for Future.
From the 8M Feminist Strike to a transformative movement

The emerging feminist movement is evolving boldly, from demanding equality, towards a systemic and cultural transformation (care, consumption) at the root of change.

Members of the 8M Feminist Commission and La Ingobernable, a community center supporting the movement, will tell the story first hand.

The opportunity

Sunrise Movement & Green New Deal

In the US, another movement led by young people has taken the next step: the Sunrise Movement, which is generating the political space paving the way for real action through the Green New Deal, an ambitious resolution recently introduced by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez reaching great relevance in the social and political debate, including the 2020 presidential elections.

In order to inspire and propel us to continue the journey here as well, we will count, via videoconference, with representatives of Sunrise Movement and New Consensus, one of the main think tanks that contributed to the design of the Green New Deal.

Let’s begin co-creating!

A deal based on science, social justice and international cooperation

The main purpose is to build bridges for mutual inspiration and collaboration among actors and movements, so as to take advantage of this historic opportunity and finally rise to the climate & inequalities challenge.

Specifically, it is intended to generate a work process, through a platform, that crystallizes the debate into proposals and concrete documents, as the basis for mobilizing public policies in the medium term, within the framework of a broad Deal for Climate & Social Justice, inspired by the Green New Deal, and materializing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

April 4: feminism & youth for climate


April 5: science, social justice & cooperation